Using Math Playground to Consolidate Basic Fact Knowledge

Fact fluency is important for growing mathematicians. Developing students’ confidence in basic facts sets them up for success when using higher-level maths skills.

Use MathPlayground to help students practice basic facts on their iPads or laptops. 

This website is a great resource to help students consolidate their knowledge in basic operations. Make the most of your students’ practice time by choosing games ahead of time. Math Playground has a TON of games; and at times, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones work best for your groups or centers. Consider selecting simple games that can be differentiated, by allowing students to select specific fact groups to practice.  See the list below for some recommended games to get you started.


Addition and Subtraction Basic Fact Games:

  • Superhero Addition or Subtraction
  • Addition Blocks
  • Number Bonds
  • Treasure Quest Addition
  • Math Monster Addition and Subtraction
  • Puzzle Pics Addition and Subtration


Multiplication and Division Basic Fact Games:

  • Match 10 Multiples
  • Math Monster Multiplication and Division
  • Treasure Quest: 100 Number Grid
  • Music Shop Multiplication
  • Math Racer Multiplication


Disclaimer: This article does not promote rote memorization of facts before developing a conceptual understanding of number within each maths strand. Concepts for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should first be taught using visual representations and materials such as abacuses, tens-frames, arrays, equal-sharing and counters. Once students have developed a conceptual understanding of number in these areas, it’s okay to encourage your students commit their facts to memory.


Enjoy this resource? Let us know which websites and apps work well for your students’ basic fact consolidation.

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